Take a peek inside the locker room in the latest K-Y ad.  
The locker room: Where men talk about everything. Even premature ejaculation. 
But there’s always that one guy who hasn’t had premature ejaculation, right? Wrong!  
We’ve all been there. Now, there’s something we can all do about it. New K-Y Duration™ Spray for Men helps you last longer so that you can have more control and stay in the moment!  
"The Locker Room: Avoid premature ejaculation with K-Y Duration Spray"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, Mike. 
Oh, how's your premature ejaculation? 
OK. Had it again last week. 
So did Jeff. Hey, Jeff! Still have premature ejaculation? 
I am Mister premature ejaculation. 
That guy could write a book on premature ejaculation.  
What do you guys mean by premature ejaculation. 
It's when you ejaculate prematurely.  
Well, hey, who hasn't had pre-jac? 
That's what I'm sayin'. 
I haven't. 
Every guy has premature ejaculation, because we all wanna last a little longer. Now you can with new KY Duration spray.

Written Text

KY Duration Spray For Men 
Last Longer 
Stay In The Moment

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