Babies do the most amazing things, bringing their own special form of magical happiness to everyone around them! They can even save lives by doing nothing more than wearing Pampers, because Pampers donates 1 vaccine against tetanus for every pack of Pampers sold through their “1 Pack = 1 Vaccine” campaign – helping UNICEF to eliminate Maternal & Newborn Tetanus (MNT) now in 19 countries. 
Join us and together with your wishes, Pampers® and UNICEF can help protect the world’s amazing babies against newborn tetanus 
"Pampers and UNICEF | Amazing Babies"

Written Text

Babies are amazing 
They can make you act the fool 
They can make friends with strangers 
They can stop an argument 
They can entertain millions 
They can bring joy 
And just by wearing Pampers 
they can even save another baby's life 
Pampers Supports UNICEF 
1 Pack = 1 Life Saving Vaccine Against Newborn Tetanus

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