"Holden Australia | New Trailblazer. Made for Trailblazers." 
The new Holden Trailblazer is made for Trailblazers. 
Swimmer, surfer, boater, rock climber, campers, lobster diver

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The new Holden Trailblazer, made for trailblazers. 
I can't fight out of my 
You know ... reason ... I won't go back 
And I ... over you 
... and I won't go back

Written Text

I'd brave that. 
I'd surf that. 
I'd launch that. 
I'd drop that. 
I'd learn that. 
I'd build that. 
I'd jump that. 
I'd thank that. 
I'd spot that. 
I'd play that. 
I'd try that. 
I'd catch that. 
I'd chase that. 
I'd find that. 
I'd drive that. 
Spotify - Trust - Flume feat. Isabella Manfredi 
New Holden Trailblazer. 
Made for Trailblazers. 
Let's go there

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