"DriveTime Commercial 2017 | Nope Yup" 
Get approved and know your down payment before you shop at today - yup. DriveTime is the nation's largest used car dealership network and finance company, helping people with credit issues find and finance the perfect used vehicle with over 140 dealerships across the nation.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Do you need perfect credit? Nope. 
Want to buy a car, but can't get it? Yup. 
Ever been to DriveTime? Nope. 
Get a real down payment online. Yup. 
Rejection? Nope. 
Selection? Yup. 
In the mood to get treated rude? Nope. 
Just two minutes gets you approved. Yup. 
Wasn't that the exit? Nope. 
We are good at this. Nope. 
Get approved and know your down payment before you shop. Only at Drive Time. Yup.

Written Text

Get your real down payment! 

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