History will be (re)made THURSDAY on the season premiere of DC's Legends Of Tomorrow at 8/7c! 
"DC's Legends of Tomorrow | Season 2 Extended Teaser | The CW"

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Replacing the Time Masters is an enormous responsibility.  
We're not Time Masters. There's no rules.  
We are history's last line of defense. 
This is gonna be so much fun! 
Who's that? 
The new guy. 
Seducing the Queen of France. 
She seduced me. 
Kidnap Einstein. 
I like him. He's a pig. 
Why do you get to punch him? 
I don't have time to time travel.  
We're off to old time Japan. 
I'm basically a ninja..  
May we entertain you? 
Off with their heads! 
Who are you people?! 
Well, we're superheroes. Like you guys. 
I say we ship him to the boys in Bellevue mental hospital.  
History is yours now, my dear legends. 
Shut up and strap in. 
DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Season premiere Thursday at 8:00/7:00 central on The CW. 
(Lyrics) I got blood on my hands 
Do you understand? 
I'm a wanted man

Written Text

The CW 
Season Premiere 
They're Fixing History 
One Time 
At A Time 
Season Premiere 
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow 
Thursday 8|7c 
The CW 
Dare to Defy

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