"Big Bike Ride 60s SWE"

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I got you. I got you. You got it, you got it, go! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go anywhere! Go to China, go see a panda. Go see three pandas. If you get hungry go eat someplace amazing. Go eat at a three-star restaurant. Go make friends with someone interesting and go to that interesting friend's wedding in Hong Kong. And go somewhere else, go to Los Angeles and go buy that dress that only you love in that store that only you know about, and go wear that dress to a party. And go talk to somebody there, don't be shy. Don't ever be shy. And go marry that person, or don't. Go have kids, or don't. If you do, go fishing with your kids and go catch that big kahuna, and let it go. Catch it again and let it go. And then don't stop. 

Written Text

Travelers Think Big 

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