There’s nothing sweeter than a moment between a mother and a daughter. But when mom wants to relive her glory days, no one can stop her from dunking. Except maybe that low hanging ceiling fan. Watch for official medical billing code W08.XXXD--- it’s just one of the thousands of ways people get into the complicated health care system. Choosing UnitedHealthcare can help you avoid financial surprises with tools that let you compare doctor quality ratings and costs. 
"UnitedHealthcare | Low Jump :54"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Woo! Like mama, like daughter! Did you know I was the mommy slam dunk champion?  
Yes, really. Don't sound so surprised! Yes. OK, look, I'm gonna show you a move, but you can't tell your daddy.  
Pinky swear? Here we go. Championship game.You have like 4 seconds left. The crowd is getting excited.They're waving! What do they say when they wave? 
Go mama, go mama, go! Go mama, go mama, go!  
OK, mama takes it behind, mama goes up, up, up!  
She did it.  
You can't avoid gravity, but UnitedHealthcare can help you avoid financial surprises by helping you compare costs and doctor quality ratings.  
Oh, that's where we went last time. Ow!  

Written Text

Official Medical Code 
Fall From Other Furniture, Subsequent Encounter 

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