"Never a dull cup... Introducing our new TV advert"

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As a motivational speaker, I had one job today: motivate.  
Now it's time for a new mission. Not great, but magnificent coffee.  
Because the nation's coffee is in their hands. 
Show them higher! 
And their hands were in my hands.  
I can smell your passion. 
All they needed was a little nudge in the right direction, standard life coach stuff. A few simple words of encouragement.  
Just imagine that I'm a flat white. 
Some tenderness. 
Roast these bad boys! 
I looked them in their eyes, put a gentle hand on their shoulder. 
I'm here to help. 
I may be the one on stage, but they showed me what your passion looks like.  
You eat, drink, roast, breathe coffee!

Written Text

Smell The Future Of Coffee 
Never A Dull Cup 

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