Whiskas celebrates and nurtures your cat's curiosity. Curious to see more? Subscibe at: 
Through the eyes of curious cats everyday stuff can be a constant source of intrigue and wonderment. It is this playful curiosity that makes cats so unique, that sets them apart and makes such endearing and lovable companions. 
Watch how our Whiskas Tabby becomes spellbound by the elusive temptation of an everyday household jewel. 
Care for your cats, support their health and feed their inquisitive minds with Whiskas cat food. 
"Curious Cats - Drip - Whiskas TV ad"

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Where do you come from, my little temptress? I'm gonna get you, you beautiful, shiny, oh, you're gone. Come here and reveal yourself my most precious, oh, you've gone. Any second now, I'll have you in my... 
Whiskas. Feed their curiosity.

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Feed Their Curiosity

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