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"WW Black| See Yourself In A New Light"

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We never had sex completely naked because I couldn't stand the thought of him seeing all of me.  
My insecurities were through the roof.  
After having kids, you know, everything looks different. Your body looks different.  
I hated the way I looked. 
I really couldn't get in the moment.  
You're really thinking about your stomach. 
If anything, I want sex more now than I ever have. 10:00 in the morning! 
Doesn't matter what size you are or what you weigh at all, it's about whether you love yourself or not. 
If you're feeling that you can leave the light on, and that you can run across the room naked.

Written Text

We Never Had Sex 
Completely Naked 
My Insecurities 
Were Through The Roof 
After Having Kids 
Everything Looks Different 
WW Member 
WW Member 
WW Member 
I Want Sex More Now Than I Ever Have 
It's About Whether You Love Yourself 
You Can Leave The Light On 
Could You Leave The Lights On? 
Weight Watchers Black 

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