DJ Khaled's journey has been a long one. Time to celebrate with Cîroc Mango. 
"Cîroc Mango - Khaled's Odyssey"

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I'm living proof of a dream come true. 25 years of blood, sweat and tears.  
Take it back to the days, the early days. 
I started from a garage, turntables, mixer and a bunch of records. All my dreams was in that garage.  
DJ Khaled, blowin' up the whole world! 
I worked 24 hours around the clock, from passing out my own fliers, throwing my own parties. I could've been a radio DJ, or I could be the biggest DJ. 
DJ Khaled! New York, let's go! 
My whole career's been off of love. People supporting me, and me supporting them. The more blessing you get, the more blessings you give back. Nothing's impossible. 
Hey, yo Puff! 
What's up, Khaled?! 
Woo! Let's get it! 
That's the key. Welcome to the winning team.  
Mango Ciroc. Why not? 
Let's get it.

Written Text

Ciroc Mango 

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