We want to hear your success stories, beauties! Tell us why YOU CAN with Mary Kay! #MyMKLife 
"With Mary Kay, I Can... | Mary Kay"

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Millions of women can because of Mary Kay. You can, too. Learn more at 
(Lyrics) Stand tall 
Love yourself 
Don't try to be anyone else

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We asked our Independent Beauty Consultants what they can do because of their Mary Kay business. 
I Can Be Proud Of My Achievements 
I Can Earn What I Deserve 
I Can Be In Charge Of My Own Success 
Yo Puedo Transformar La Vida De Una Mujer 
I Can Work A Flexible Schedule 
I Can Just Be Me 
I Can Be My Own Boss 
I Can Inspire Myself 
I Can Rewrite The Rules 
Millions Of Women Can Because Of Mary Kay 
You Can, Too 
Learn More At 
Mary Kay

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