Cyberbullying impacts millions of kids around the world. It’s time to #RaiseOurVoices because our words have the power to help heal. Watch the film and learn how important it is to start a conversation with your child. Learn how to identify the signs of cyberbullying and start a conversation with your children at 
"Raise Your Voice Against Cyberbullying"

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You're ugly. Your mom hates you.  
You're no good. You're not a man. 
You don't have any friends. No one likes you.  
You're just a mistake that should've never been born. 
Slit your wrists and kill yourself.  
If I ever see you again, I'm going to murder you. 
If you don't kill yourself, someone else will.  
I was scared and very angry at the same time.  
It makes me feel worthless.  
It was a point to where I didn't go to school.  
I'd be in my room just thinking I just shouldn't be here anymore, sort of things. 
Holding it all in for so long, it was hard because I didn't know how I would tell her, and like, what if she didn't believe me? 
I was scared. 
When he was up in his room, we thought, OK, he's safe. Completely unaware that there was this other force that was reaching out and negatively impacting him so much. We started thinking, well, he's just gotten really quiet and shy over the years, and yet what we didn't realize was that Daniel was being cyberbullied every single day until the point that he could take it no longer.  
I don't ever want you to have those kind of thoughts, man.  
You are gonna rise above everything that is going on in your life right now. 
I don't want you to ever be afraid, because we can handle this. 
When I finally told my mom about everything that was happening, I felt like stress got lifted off my shoulders. 
It was definitely a huge boost knowing that I had someone loving me and backing me. Because you can't go through stuff like this alone.  
I felt more safe.  
It made me see life and everything from a whole new perspective.  
Please talk to your kids.  
We will get through this together.  
I love you.

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Millions Of Children Around The World Are Cyberbullied Every Year 
9 Out Of 10 Who Experience It Will Never Tell An Adult 
Only By Raising Our Voices Together, Can We Protect Our Children 
Raise Your Voice Against Cyberbullying 
Presented by  
These Are Real Stories Of Cyberbulling From Children Ages 11 To 18 
Daniel Took His Life In 2009 
Words Can End Lives 
Words Can Save Lives Too 
Do Not Let Fear Speak Louder Than Love 
Talk To Your Child And Raise Your Voice Against Cyberbullying 
Start the conversation at 
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