Hillary for America is airing a series of new ads with Republican voters explaining why they have decided to put our country‚Äôs interests ahead of their party interests by supporting Hillary Clinton for President. Each testimonial ad highlights a different concern about Donald Trump,  
"Doug | Hillary Clinton TV Ad"

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I cast my first vote for President as a college kid at the University of Iowa. I voted Republican then and I have ever since. But I cannot vote for Donald Trump. When I see him bullying people, trying to divide us, that's not the kind of country I want my kids to grow up in. So I'm putting party aside and voting for Hillary Clinton. I don't agree with Hillary on everything, but I know she has the judgement and the experience and she knows you need to bring people together to get things done. 
I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

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Douglas G. Elmets 
President Fall 
Doug Elmets 
Stronger Together

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