Teen cigarette use is down to 7% but hookah and flavored cigarillos still stand in our way. Don’t get played while Big Tobacco gets paid. Enlist @ and let’s #FinishIT. 
"Finishers 2.0 2016 | truth - Enlist"

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(Lyrics) Let let let us see you do it 
Let let let us see you do it 
Go hard 
Hard hard hard hard hard hard hard

Written Text

Last Year, 8% Of Teens Smoked Cigarettes 
Together, We Got It Down To 7% 
But Other Types Of Smoking Are Still In Our Way 
Like These... 
And Smoking 60 Mins Of This Is The Same As Smoking 100 Of These... 
So, Every Time We Do This... 
The Tobacco Industry Gets More Of This... 
Don't Get Played While They Get Paid 
Enlist @ 

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