In this world, it's easy to lose sight of what's real... Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror returns on Netflix October 21. 
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In this world, we're all so caught up in our heads, it's easy to lose sight of what's real.  
You said you don't know how much time there is. What does that mean? 
It's important that you realize there is a small medical procedure involved.  
Sorry, for a game? 
I didn't expect to find myself living in the future, but here I fucking well am.  
So you recently logged your first kill.  
And how did that...feel? 
They filmed me.  
Filmed you...? 
Through my computer camera.  
You ready? 
If we drill down into the numbers, you have got a solid popularity arc here.  
No one is this happy. A two-year-old with a fucking balloon isn't this happy.  
Singularity is when computers learn to act smart man like women did years ago. 
You are so adorable! 
We're genuinely empathetic as a species. We don't actually really want to kill each other.  
This is fun.

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A Netflix Original Series 
Six New Stories 
Six New Realities 
"The Twilight Zone For The Digital Age" - The New Yorker 
"Set In Worlds Only Minutes From Our Own" - Hitfix 
"Unlike Anything Else On TV." - The Guardian 
"The Show That's Artfully Asking You..." 
"Why Aren't You More Afraid?" - Vulture 
The Future Is Bright 
Black Mirror 
A Six Part Anthology 
Only On Netflix 
6 New Stories October 21

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