"Luck is Earned - No Shortcuts" 
Making the world’s best tequila is all about the details. It’s about doing things the right way.  
Our recipe is equal parts passion, and skill. It’s why we age our tequilas until they’re ready, and not a moment less. And it’s what pushed us to craft the world’s very first Reposado tequila back in 1974. Because here, we believe in creating our own luck, and never leaving anything to chance.  
That’s the way it should be done. And at Tequila Herradura, it’s the way we’ve been doing it for the past 145 years.

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Out here, there are no shortcuts. Making the best tequila in the world is all about putting in the time. The way it should be done. The way we've been doing it for 145 years. Casa Herradura - luck is earned.

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Casa Herradura (CH) Est. 1871 
Casa Herradura Master Distiller 
Luck is earned

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