"MS Through a Child's Eyes - Rocky Mountain MS Center" 
Ogilvy Paris beautifully capture a "day-in-the-life" of a 10 year-old girl whose mother (and the family) live with the daily challenges and blessings of Multiple Sclerosis. Shared at the RMMSC Gala to a supportive community of 500+ attendees on September 10, 2016. Creative Credits go to Susan Westre, ECD; Nick Bakshi, Copywriter; Erin Bowser, Editor.

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My name is Stella. I'm 10. I live in Paris with my mom and dad. I have a dog, beautiful dog, named Omily. I like to act. I like to dance. I like to fun with my friends. And I have basically a normal life - with a little twist. MS, for me, is something that my mom has. It's a sickness where half of the body you can't really control. Like you, you can go with both your hands, and my mom, she can go with one hand, but she can't with the other hand. It's different, because, like I take care of her a lot. Sometimes I don't want people to know that my mom has MS because I want people to treat me normally. Most kids don't understand which is normal, I guess, because they don't know. They don't have problems and stuff. I feel like it should not be different, but at the same time in 2016 it is. When you have a problem, you understand other people with problems. You're just a little more grateful knowing that you don't have a huge problem. My mom doesn't have the worst disorder. My mom is not dying. My mom's not mean. I can be grateful. She's still my mom.

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Made with special love and support for Kim Ball 
by Ogilvy & Mather Paris 
Special thanks: Nick Bakshi, Erin Bowser, Susan Westre

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