"Volkswagen Independent Cinema Advert: Mafia" 
This advert shows us why the mafia don't drive VWs. After picking up a guy from a strip club, they take him on a drive. While on the road, the car reads a text message out loud from "the boss" saying, "After you wack Micky, bury him here."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Whoa, hold on a second. There he is. You comin' in? 
No, you are. 
Show up on time, alright. 
Never felt sorry for a seat before. 
Why'd you pick me up, Paulie? 
Believe me, my friend. I can never pick you up. 
Who we got here? 
Carmelo's kid. He don't talk much. 
That's a good thing. 
Shut up, Davie! 
Hey, little drummer boy. Whatchu doin' back there, kid? Huh, relax. 
Hey, I'm glad to have a guy like you on my crew, Micky. 
Message from the Boss: After you wack Micky, bury him here.

Written Text

Pearl Palace 
Volkswagen Remote Journey Planner 
Not made for Hollywood 
But happy to support Independent Cinemas 

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