"Katy Perry Votes Naked" 
Katy Perry has joined Funny Or Die's 'Everyone Votes campaign' and wants you to know that there is no dress code this election day. Just get out there and make your voice heard in whatever outfit seems appropriate!

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Hi, I'm Katy Perry. You know, November 8th is Election Day, and I've got some great news. This year you can look like shit when you vote. Perfect. Yep, I've briefly scanned the Constitution, and nowhere does it say you can't just roll out of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in. In the name of democracy, any just-out-of-bed look is A-okay. A child's onesie, hunk in kid's briefs, that free XL T-shirt you got from your bank, the breakout, the Scrooge, Sleeping Beauty, covered in slime. Did I mention the hunk in the kid's briefs? Or if you're like me, I sleep naked. Yep, let those babies loose. 
Ma'am, alright ma'ma, that's enough of that. 
No, no, no. I read the Constitution. I know that I have the right to vote naked. 
Did you read it, or did you just briefly scan it? 
No, no, no, no. Come on. Let's go. 
You too? 
Scratch that. Gotta wear clothes. My bad. See you at the polls November 8th! 
Go to to register and find the pledge.

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Funny or Die 
November 8, 2016 
Vote Here 
Child's Onesie, Hunk in Kids' Briefs, Free XL T-Shirt, The Breakout, The Scrooge, Sleeping Beauty, Covered in Slime,  
Bank of Tucson Fun Run 
I Voted Today 
Remember to Vote 
Who cares what you wear 
Just wear clothes 
A message from Katy Perry... from jail 
Rock the Vote 
Take the pledge to rock the vote at 
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