"New York City FC | Along These Lines" 
New York City FC is the first Major League Soccer (MLS) team to play within the five boroughs of New York City. The 'Along These Lines' video is the newest addition to the club’s marketing campaign, ‘Support Your City.’ The video is a visual interpretation of the city, using its myriad of subway lines that connect 8 million residents to represent the link between the club itself and the city it plays for. Join the conversation. Let us know how you #SupportYourCity

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

NYC, you're impossible to define, but it's something along these lines... 
You set a wicked pace. 
Move! Move like someone is chomping at your heels. 
Your head can be in the clouds as long as your feet are on the grind 
Something along these lines 
New York City, you spit with broken lips 
Keep up the fight 
Never let your audacity be knocked out of you 
Let go of the rage, but hang onto the courage 
Cause here you need spine 
Something along these lines 
Opportunity knocks with the caveat you only get one shot 
Take it or step aside 
Something along these lines 
New York City, you take my feet out from under me 
As your sidelines holler, "Get back up!" 
Here, you either learn to swim or you learn to drown to the bottom, forgotten with time 
Something along these lines 
New York City, the more I give, the more I feel 
That's why I'm yours and you are mine 
Something along these lines

Written Text

New York City Football Club 
Support your city 
Be there #WeAreOne

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