College football and Dr Pepper are best enjoyed with friends. And sometimes those friends are named Steve Spurrier. 
"Dr Pepper College Football – Coach Steve"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Coach Steve! 
Larry, come on, we got a lot of football to watch.  
Got it! He's in there! Touchdown all the way! 
Dang it! 
Maybe next Saturday we outta do this again, what do you think? 
Yeah, I'll bring the ice.  
Ice cold Dr Pepper, here! Ice cold! 
(Lyrics) It's back to you and me 
Yes it's true (yes it's true)  
I am happy to be stuck with you 
'Cause I can see (I can see) 
That you're happy to be stuck with me

Written Text

Dr Pepper 
It's A College Football Tradition.

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