You were made to move and we were made to help you. 
"Lucozade Sport: Wait Training"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hello? Hello! We are here to make you move. Oh my God! Are you OK?  
(Lyrics) Okay 
A what me tell them 
Crank it 
Crank it 
Crank it 
Crank it 
You love it when you hear me go, crank it woah 
Shake that boom-ba-boom-ba-boom 
Woah, wind that boom-ba-boom-ba-boom 
She got boom-ba-boom-ba-boom 
Crank it 
Crank it

Written Text

Lucozade Sport 
Made To Move 
We're Not Made To Wait 
We're Made To Move 
Made To Move 
Join The Movement

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