We believe the future should be something to look forward to, at every age. This film was created to encourage and inspire the 42 million older adults in this country, and to help remind everyone that the hopes, dreams and ambitions of those over 65 are not only alive and well; they are as vibrant and strong as ever. 
Institute on Aging is a non-profit that brings together resources, education and services to help older and disabled adults remain independent, engaged, and in their own home for as long as possible. 

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When I was younger I had a lot of hopes and dreams.  
And you know what? I still do. 
I want to keep on learning. 
I want to keep on working. 
I want to keep on creating. 
I want to love and be loved. 
I'm not gonna lie to you, I have good days and bad.  
But I get up every day knowing that I'm the same person that I was 10... 
30 years ago. 
And while my body can sometimes get tired or broken... 
My spirit... 
My thoughts... 
And passions... 
...remain strong and invincible. 
Because when you get to be my age, you come to realize, I'm still me.

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Institute on Aging

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