"S7 Airlines: Imagine" 
Let's say you can go to any place you can imagine, what would this place look like? We invited 20 kids and asked them this question. Here's what happened.

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Let's say you can go to any place you can imagine. What would this world look like? 
Oh! Hmmm. 
It would be a very ancient place and mammoths would still live there. 
Mermaids would live there under water. 
Space rockets. The biggest space rocket in the world! 
And there is a big, big, very big sandpit. 
There would be a secret world where people live underground. 
I would be able to touch the stars. 
Space kitty. 
Lakes. Chocolate lakes. 
Also there are underground whales like in cartoons. 
Do you think these places exist? 
Not on this planet.

Written Text

Beijing, Sochi, Munich, Sydney, Auckland, Johannesburg, Vladivostok, San Francisco, Brasilia, Ekaterinburg, Edinburgh, La Paz, Vienna, Zagreb, Krakow, Riga, Washington, Saint Petersburg, Sofia, Istanbul, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Las Vegas, Kathmandu 
Fly to any place you can imagine 
OneWorld One World 
S7 Airlines

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