Take a look inside our super top secret investigation center, where we've been hard at work very unofficially studying the laundry habits of the world’s pickiest consumers: cats. And then, help us give clean, fresh bedding to cats in need. 
"Persil® Laundry Purrfection"

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Here at Persil, our team has been hard at work, very unofficially observing the connoisseurs of clean - cats. Yes, cats. And our super scientific study has shown us cats prefer Persil. Is it the clean? The scent? Or is it the name? Do they think Persil is Purr-sil? Maybe. But, then again, we're not really sure. Cats are pretty mysterious. All we know is, even the pickiest cats pick Persil.

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Persil ProClean 
Super Duper Top Secret Investigation Center 
The Pickiest Pick Persil 
Cats, of course. 
Help cats in need at

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