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Love it, I mean, just the whole concept, the idea of these tweets coming from stars that are no longer with us, helping to beat Trump on this election.  
Absolutely adore it. It gives me, as a local, another reason to look at the stars and another reason to dislike Donald Trump, with humorous stickers.  
If this guy gets into the White House, Fly Me to the Moon. 
Um, so far I've seen Walt Disney, Godzilla, Robin Williams. 
We could do so much better, but we just don't pay attention to our voting, we don't pay attention to our options, our life, our, any of our political decisions. We don't make any kind of thinking towards that, why? 
Happy birthday, Mrs. President, happy birthday to you. 
I hate it. I hate TweetFromTheStars.

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Hollywood, Oct. 2016 
Everybody Is Tweeting About The US Elections 
Well, Not Everybody 
(Tweeting For Those Who Can't Tweet Anymore) 
Alfred Hitchcock 
When reality surpasses fiction. #Trump2016 #Psycho #TweetsFromTheStars #O1 
I'm quite scared to be honest #Trump2016 #Election2016  
Frank Sinatra 
If this guy gets in the White House "Fly me to the Moon" #Quickly #Elections2016 
Michael Jackson 
Make america white again 
Robin Williams 
A clown with an orange nose. 
John Lennon 
I don't even want to imagine #Trump2016 
Donald redefined the meaning of "Cantinflear" #TrumpSpeech #Trump2016 
Walt Disney 
Donald for president? Hope you are talking about my Duck.  
Marilyn Monroe 
Happy Birthday Miss President, Happy Birthday to you #Elections2016 
Join the movement, tweet like a star and vote

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