Disfruta de la nueva colección Otoño-Invierno que Coppel CANADA tiene para ti. 
"Colección Otoño - Invierno | Coppel CANADA"

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(Lyrics) You miss me? 
I miss all of y’all 
Why y’all girls standin’ together like that, I can’t take it 
Women, I can do anything you like 
I can do anything you need 
And I got a better body 
Than the magazines you read 
None of them boys know the first thing about your fantasy 
And if they tried, they can not do it just like me 
I know you certainly been gone 
And it’s been much too long 
And there’s some things we need to do 
So I know you need to get home 
Come get it bae 
Come get it bae 
Come get it bae 
Come get it bae 
You wanna ride it, my motorcycle 
You've got a license, have you got the right to 
Gonna pop a wheelie, don't try too high too 
Take it easy on the clutch, 'cause girl I like you

Written Text

Coppel Canada 
La vida se camina

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