"Pearl & Dean: Tumbleweed Trainer"

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As the sun beats down on the wilds of the Arizona desert, a group of hardy pioneers bring the magic of Hollywood to this barren locale. They're here to bring to life the thrilling tale of the old west.  
From Century pictures comes a western like you've never seen before! A lusty, untamed adventure, "Duel of Desire". 
It takes all kinds. The director, his actors, cameramen, even a few gals. And amongst them is a lady no self-respecting western director could ever do without. Nobody really knows her. Her enigma has made her a legend. The outdoors is her natural environment. And it's here she finds what she's looking for. She's been around them all her life. Watching, learning, gaining their trust. She knows them better than she knows herself. Taming them isn't easy. It takes character and steely determination to earn their respect. Sometimes she has to be cruel to be kind. They say tumbleweeds speak, but only to those who know how to listen. And then the day comes, the culmination of months of work. It all comes down to this moment. It's hard work, but it's worth it.

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"Duel of Desire" 
Dedicated to the unseen heroes of cinema 
For film lovers everywhere 
Pearl & Dean

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