Where exactly does it say that a woman can't ask? 
"Secret Deodorant | The Question | #StressTest"

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Thank you. 
Fortune cookie. Where's yours at? 
I don't, I don't need a cookie.  
See what we got here. This message is addressed to me. 
Who do you think sent this? What would they wanna ask me? OK, this is, this is really freaking me out right here. Um, I don't get it. This is where, this is like a scary movie almost, like, I, my name is on this fortune. Like inside of a fortune cookie. What's up? What are you, what are you doing? 
Andy, shut up. 
Secret. Stress tested for women.

Written Text

Andy I Want To Ask You Something 
Stress Test #5182 
Claire's act of romance flips the script on a centuries-old tradition 
Secret Clinical Strength 
Stress Tested For Women 
Since 1956

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