Meet YouTube gadget, technology and hardware Vlogger Super Saf as he discovers the versatile and practical nature of the all new Fiat Tipo hatchback with his series of fun and helpful auto hacks to help you get Amore. For Less. with the new Tipo. The Tipo is kitted out with great amounts of technology throughout, delivering truly exceptional value for money. Prices starting at £12,995 OTR, come with desirable modern accoutrements such as a DAB digital radio and air con. Practicality is one of the Tipo's main attractions. Fiat's designers have made ingenious use of every square millimetre of interior space, delivering a family car for supermini money. Offering the most generous boot space in its class – a versatile 440 litres – you'll have plenty of cargo space. Never mind shopping or luggage – you could fit your whole life in the back. When it comes to affordable luxury, the Fiat Tipo is tough to beat. 

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Behind me is the super useful and super practical brand new Fiat Tipo. I'm Super Saf and I'm about to show you, yes you lucky people, some dope car hacks. In your car, not sure which side to fill up on? This car hack's for you. For this you'll need your keys and your eyes. Just look at the dashboard, next to it will be an arrow and that will point to you which side you need to fill up on. Simple as that.  
People! Stop chipping the paint on your doors and start using this car hack. For this, you'll need some of these bad boys. Soft rubber on one side, sticky back on the other side. They're usually called graphite smoothers, or weather sealers.  
Increase the range of your key fob with this cool car hack. For this, you'll need a key fob and a Super Saf. Too far for your key fob to work? Extend your range by using your body as a conductor. That's how you do it, Super Saf style

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Fiat Tipo 
in partnership with 
Auto Trader 
Hack #1 
How To Find Out Which Side Your Fuel Tank Is On 
You Will Need: 
1 Petrol Can 
Hack #2 
How To Protect Your Car Door Using A Foam Strip 
You Will Need: 
1 Foam Strip 
Hack #3 
How To Unlock Your Car From Afar 
You Will Need: 
1 Key Fob

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