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Hey, this is a brand new Fiat Tipo. I'm Super Saf and here are some cool car hacks.  
Lose your keys often? Well, this car hack's for you. For this, you're gonna need some cool tech. This is the key finder. You attach it to your keys, download the app, and if you ever lose your keys, you simply go ahead and...find.  
Forgotten where you've parked your car? Well, this car hack's definitely for you. For this, all you need is your phone. Download a find my car app, Find my car, park my car. Simple as that.  
Multiply your USB power potential with this car hack. For this, you'll need a four-way USB car charger, and lots of friends with dead devices.

Written Text

Fiat Tipo 
in partnership with  
Auto Trader 
Hack #14 
How To Never Lose Your Keys Again 
You Will Need: 
1 Smart Phone 
1 Bluetooth Key Finder 
Hack #15 
How To Use An App To Find Your Parked Car 
You Will Need: 
1 Smart Phone 
1 Car Finder App 
Hack #16 
How To Multiply Your Car USB Ports 
You Will Need: 
1 USB Multiport 
1 USB Charging Cable

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