Do you know your consumer rights? Here at Kent County Council, we're urging residents to Think Before You Buy to avoid any problems that could occur down the line. Whenever you make a purchase, no matter how big or small, you're entering in to a contract. Don't be caught out and make sure you know what rights you're entitled to as a consumer.  
"Know Your Rights: Think Before You Buy"

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Did you know that even when making the smallest purchases, you're entering into a contract? 
Of course it doesn't always matter if you buy before you think, but sometimes making a simple switch can have a huge impact. So when things go wrong, and they sometimes do, even in the digital world things don't always go according to plan, knowing when you're protected can solve a lot of problems. Make yourself aware of your rights. Think before you buy.

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Did You Know... 
...Every Time You Buy Something... 
...You Enter Into A Contract? 
Make A Simple Switch 
Second Hand Cars... 
Music Downloads, Ebooks... 
Know When You're Protected 
Prevent A Lot Of Problems 
Know Your Rights 
Think Before You Buy 

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