To all veterans who have bravely served our country, we at Cabela's would like to wish you a happy Veteran's Day and to thank you for your service. #thanksfortheoutdoors 
"#thanksfortheoutdoors | Cabela's Veteran's Day"

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Thanks for this amazing view. 
For this water. 
Thank you for opening day. 
Thank you for the weekend. 
Thank you for the rainbows. 
And for these fields. 
Thank you. 
Thank you for secret fishing spots.  
Thank you for this beautiful range. 
For the great outdoors. 
Thank you for this country. 
Thank you. 
I'd like to say thank you to all the veterans who protect our wonderful country. Thank you.

Written Text

There Are Over 20 Million Veterans In The U.S. 
Let's Thank Them For Protecting This Beautiful Country. 
It's In Your Nature

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