The new Cavalli man seen through Peter Dundas’s eyes is a modern dandy. Blessed with an instinctive sense of style and elegance, he effortlessly blends sophistication and casualness. Unbound and free, he remains true to himself in every circumstance and never needs to pretend. Confident without arrogance, naturally seductive, he radiates a form of charisma that leaves a deep imprint in the hearts and minds of the people around him. For him, life is like music and he is perfectly in tune with its inner rhythm and melody. 
Roberto Cavalli Uomo’s bottle is a striking manifesto of style and intent. Combining Cavalli’s sense of theatricality and glamour with a rock and roll edge, the flask is made of heavy dark glass, embossed with the fashion house’s famous monogram. Its square shape is a token of masculinity and confidence. 
The crocodile scales that adorn the flanks of the bottle’s form are true to the Cavalli DNA and remind us that the Cavalli man remains free and wild at heart. 

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Roberto Cavalli Uomo. The new fragrance for men. 
(Lyrics) Hear me out 
'Cause I'm living life to the fullest 
Don't bring me down 
So harmless

Written Text

Roberto Cavalli 
Roberto Cavalli Uomo

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