Versace Pour Homme - #DylanBlue: the expression of a man’s undeniable strength. 
A fragrance bursting with driving passion and individuality. Watch the full campaign film directed by Bruce Weber 
"Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue"

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My dad always used to say, "you can't live with women, and you can't live without them.". The way a woman judges you can be pretty rough. One minute you have to be tender, and the next one, tough. We have this girl at our sports club who can out-kick box any of the smaller guys. Just my luck, she doesn't seem to know I exist, except when she's kicking me in the head. I grew up on these streets and learned at a young age to never show any weakness. I try my best to stay out of trouble - but sometimes it's hard. Trevor, he used to sell ice cream down on the Jersey Shore. It was a pretty good gig - carrying that cooler up and down the beach was a workout. I knew I never stood a chance with Gigi. But in her own way, she loved us all - no matter who won the fight. That's one for the books.

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Pour Homme 
Dylan Blue

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