Mom and dad love their beautiful babies dearly but kids can be like little meteorites tipping over furniture around the house. With all their delicate items stored away in a Public Storage unit, this family in our TV commercial has successfully baby-proofed their home and can focus on enjoying quality family time without having to worry about furniture and stuff! 
"Public Storage TV Commercial - Meteorites"

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Meteorites are fallin'! 
Children are like meteorites. Hurdling through space, they crash into things everywhere they go. So what do we do with out delicate items during these not-so-delicate years? Wait, wait, wait, wait! Oh! Whoa! Those are my little meteorites.  
Space for your world. Clean, well-lit and conveniently accessible. Click, call or come by and your first month's rent is just one dollar. Public Storage.

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1-800-44-STORE | 
Public Storage 
space for your world 
clean, well-lit & conveniently accessible. 
$1* first month's rent 
*Subject to availability 
Trusted Nationwide Since 1972

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