"Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupé: “Never Stop Challenging" - TV Commercial" 
This is your life. Move ahead. Keep the spirit. Because life is a journey. It is your journey. #NeverStopChallenging  
This ad features a young boy who dreams of flying while his mother looks on disapprovingly. He creates wings for his arms, gets a helmet and goggles, and climbs up on a large stack of hay bales. We also him playing with spiders, getting ready to ride in a box down the stairs, building a go-cart, climbing a tree, and getting his cuts and bruises fixed by his mom, riding down a roof, and swinging on a rope into the water. When he grows up, he likes driving his Mercedes-AMG very fast.

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This is your life. Nobody can stop you. Listen to your heart. Move ahead. Take your own path, and conquer new grounds. There are no limits if you don't accept them. This is your life. Keep the spirit because life is a journey. Your journey. Never stop challenging.

Written Text

Never stop challenging 
The new Mercedes-AMG C Coupe 
Driving performance

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