"Leadership 60 sec TV spot"

Great America PAC's strong new TV spot titled "Leadership" featuring former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. In the ad, Giuliani discusses increasing terror attacks and the importance of American leadership. He calls out President Obama and Hillary Clinton on leadership failures and states that Donald Trump's strong leadership will move America in the right direction.

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American leadership impacts the entire world. But our weak leadership the past seven years has failed us. Islamic extremist terrorism is on the rise. Five major attacks in seven months. We simply cannot continue down this path of failed leadership. The world must come together and America needs to lead. Yet, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton just want to stay the course. The incompetence Hillary Clinton displayed during the Benghazi attack and her singular focus on protecting her own proves she's not ready to be Commander-in-Chief. We face many challenges as a nation, but nothing is more critical than America displaying strong leadership and an unwavering resolve to defeat terrorists. America's leadership can and must be better. And with Donald Trump as President, it will be.
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Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor, New York City

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