This year we're celebrating the anticipation before Christmas and the festive whirlwind that envelopes you when it arrives. Christmas is the all consuming season. The festive flurry is inescapable. There is no use resisting – the more you embrace it the more fun it is. Enjoy it. Because whether you like it or not: 
Christmas is coming for you. 
"House of Fraser Christmas Advert 2016 - Christmas is Coming for You (ft Laura Mvula)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Ready or not, here I come 
You can't hide 
Gonna find you 
And make you love me 
Ready or not, here I come 
You can't hide 
Ready or not, here i come 
You can't hide 
Gonna find you, and make you love me 
You can't run away 
From this love I got, oh baby 
Hey baby 
From a better love 
Anywhere you go 
My whole heart has got to know 
Hey baby 
You can't hide from love 
Ready or not, here I come

Written Text

House of Fraser 
Since 1849 
Christmas Is Coming For You

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