This is Cynthia. 
She takes ping pong very, very seriously. 
Cynthia has attitude from her long gone competitive ping pong days. She does not mess around. When she needed to upgrade to the latest championship ping pong table, Cynthia knew her husband nor sons would be able to get it done in time for her to train for Saturday’s comp at the local hall. So Cynthia got Airtasker Derek to help deliver and assemble it. 
Cynthia has never been more ready to take on the competition. Derek is the man. Of course she absolutely loves Derek. She invited Derek to Saturday’s competition too. 
This is Derek.  
Derek is so good he’s got a Guinness World Record in furniture assembly. 
Derek is saving for an engagement ring so he’s on Airtasker earning more on weekends. Tasks like Cynthia’s are perfect for him. He’s got a ute and he’s always keen on delivering stuff. Derek also finds assembly tasks a piece of cake.  
He’s your typical knock around tradie type and loves a good laugh. He’s serious when he's getting stuff done but then totally ridiculous in his down time. If it’s fun, he wants in. 
"Cynthia gets her ping pong table delivered and assembled - LIKE A BOSS"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This is Airtasker. Just post a task you need help with, choose the right person for the job and wait for the task to be done.  
This is Derek. He just came around and set up my ping pong table. He also pick it up from the store. He did it for good price. And tonight, right after Derek has left, I'm going to tell my family I did it. As far as they know, I carried it up all five floors. Solo.

Written Text

Deliver & assemble ping pong table 
Like A Boss 
Get more done.

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