Harvey Nichols have taken the best of Italy... and the Italians aren't happy about it! 
Those Italians are a passionate bunch, and with all the beautiful things they’re famous for, it’s understandable they’re protective of their masterpieces.  
From fashion, beauty, food, wine and lifestyle, we’ve taken the best of Italy…and they aren’t happy about it. 
"Britalia - Harvey Nichols Winter 2016"

Written Text

Damn Harvey Nichols! 
The thieving rats. 
They've taken everything! 
Even the Valentino dresses? 
They're doing my head in. 
I can't leave the house unless I'm wearing Valentino. 
It's embarrassing! 
And I can barely recognise myself without my Armani lipstick. 
It's insufferable! 
They've taken my Versace underpants, too! 
The cheek of it. 
They've left us nothing but scraps. 
Just look at your shoes... 
...they're not even real leather! 
It gets worse! 
The pasta's gone as well. 
Not the Durante artisan pasta? 
The artisan pasta has been plundered! 
Someone will pay for this. 
Yes him! 
But he's not Harvey Nichols. 
Then find someone who is! 
We've Taken The Best Of Italy 
Harvey Nichols 
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