People of black and Asian heritage are beginning to be represented in all walks of society, from the arts, sport through to politics. However one key place they aren’t representing themselves is in blood donation sessions.  
To inspire the next generation of donors we have created a special film. Featuring a fantastic performance from Lady Leshurr and support from a range of ambassadors from the black and Asian community, the film asks people to step up and Represent.  
Currently just 3% of black or Asian people donate blood. It’s time this changed. 
"Represent feat. Lady Leshurr"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) The world's full of passionate people 
The passion in some is less than in others 
The balance ain't equal 
You could be a rapper and be cool 
You could be a singer in a band to a kid that's in preschool 
Whether you decide to be a pilot and fly private 
A boxer in the ring and you fight till your eyes violet 
A librarian so you light when the time's silent 
A voluntary worker the smile in a child's priceless 
The sky has no limits 
You could be an artist, painting a vivid image 
A nail technician, booking clients for the critics 
A bartender at a night club pouring spirits 
You could be an actor, could be into fashion 
You could be a dancer, ready to make it happen 
You could be going back and forth on a basketball court 
Or a chef, seasoning your  
Yeah, that's talent 
We are the sound of the streets 
We are the voice of the  
So we shout and we scream 
And we are the ones making policies 
We are the scientists who could make magic in the laboratory 
We are the tropical spirits of the island 
We are the ballers that loves striking 
But we ain't representing in another way 
It's like giving blood to make another see better days 
Pressure isn't pressure 
We all gotta take some time to make it right 
We gotta take some time 
Give blood save a life

Written Text

Only 3% of Blood Donors Are Black Or Asian 
Register And Represent

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