Finally a movement all parties can agree on: Damn cheap car rental with SIXT. 
Jimmy Mc Millan (The Rent is Too Damn High Party), Fat Jewish and Cenk Uygur team up with SIXT to fight high car rental fees! 
"The Rent is Too Damn High - Jimmy McMillan & SIXT start a movement"

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I'm Jimmy McMillan. I represent The Rent Is Too Damn High Party. I found this party over 10 years ago because people were playing the silly game. But today is a big day! A big day for our movement. I'm here today to address the issue. People can't afford to travel anywhere. They can't afford to go anyplace on the weekend. They're stuck at home! Why? Because the car rent is too damn high.  
Car rent? 
Yes! Car rental fee! 
Jimmy, you're changing this whole thing. It wasn't about car rent. 
I'm not changing anything, you're just not listening. 
Oh, Jimmy! Get outta here.  
Are you listening? Hit it!  
(Lyrics) Rent is too damn high 
My mustache haircut's too damn fly 
I'm on a mission again to give the people my word 
Car rentals 'round here's too damn absurd 
Stop it, stop it! Now, Jimmy, this is crazy. This is supposed to be a political party. Did you sell out? 
That's what you think. 
(Lyrics) We need Sixt to change the game 
The rent a car place to keep us sane 
S-I-X-T now on the scene 
Where car rental prices aren't obscene 
'Cause rent is too damn high 
I say the rent is too damn high 
I'm Jimmy McMillan, here's the key 
I'm ridin' with Sixt 
Come and ride with me 
The rent is too damn high 
I say the rent is too damn high 
The rent is too damn high 
I say the rent 
Anymore questions?

Written Text

Jimmy McMillan 
The Rent Is Too Damn High Party

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