Here at Ben & Jerry's, we're concerned that the dominant message we see in society today is one of division. Whether it's televised politcal debates or newspaper headlines, it's sometimes easy to think the world is becoming increasingly divided. So, we've been thinking about how we can amplify a message of unity & love using the thing we know best... ice cream! Say hello to East Coneville! 
"One Sweet World | Ben & Jerry's EUROPE"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) I put my hands up for the call 
But I must look like the wall 
So nobody seems to see 
Nobody seems to need me there 
So must I only dream of days where they will see another way 
While they can think of other things to blame on me 
So how am I the only one to see the world a different way 
So shame on me for trying 
Oh shame on me 
'Cause I'm not the only one 
We must stick together now in one sweet world 
'Cause I'm not the only one 
We must stick together in one sweet world

Written Text

in a land not so far away 
Vote Lemon 
Zest Is Best 
We taste sweeter together 
Stop Cookies Stealing Our Dough 
Sour Times 
Go Home! 
Vote Sour 
Melting Point 
Maybe Coneville can be sweet after all... 
And we're open! #SweetCommunityCenter 
Coneville welcomes all flavours! #BetterTogether 
One step closer every day! 
Coneville is finally sweeter! 
And we're just getting started! 
One Sweet World 
Ben & Jerry's 
We don't live in a one flavour world.

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