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My dad bought the Beetle back in 1973, shortly after I was born. It was brand new. Quite lucky to have a brand new car back in them days. It was a unique colour because it was gold and I never saw another gold Beetle. It felt quite special. From about 5 or 6, we used to Southport beach in the car and he used to sit me on his lap. My dad would be working the pedals and changing the gears, and I'd just be steering the car on the beach. Windows up, wind blowing through your hair. And obviously as I got older, when I could reach the pedals, he taught me to drive properly.  
My dad was a real character when he was younger. He was one of the lads. It's been a rocky couple of years, and you know, with the loss of my mom a couple of years ago, and my father suffers with dementia.  
My oldest brother, Keith, moved to Canada when he got married. He came over for mom's funeral. He got me going through all the personal effects. It was very hard for both of us. You sort of realise going through the pictures that we did a lot together and, you know, all that's gone now. And we had the Beetle for about 20 years. My dad gave the car away eventually and I never saw it again.  
Oh my word. What? Oh my God. Did you do this? 
Bang on. To a T. 
It's like the same but it just looks so tiny.  
I always thought of the - the way I was smiling. Now he's got a big smile on his face. There's just something about it that takes me back to my childhood.

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