"Great Clips - Benny & Lenny" 
This ad features a ventriloquist dummy with curly, red, afro-like hair sitting in an empty nightclub calling out for his human. After a while he drops himself off the stool and crawls around the city looking for him. As he crawls out the door of the club we see that his human performer has a similar haircut. The dummy finally finds who he's looking for at Great Clips after the man has gotten a haircut.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Benny? Benny? Hello? Where are you? Benny? Benny? Oh no! 
The great haircut sale is back at Great Clips. A price so low, everyone will go. Great Clips, it's gonna be great.

Written Text

Benny & Lenny 
Appearing Nightly 
Fruit Market 
Great Clips 
It's gonna be great.

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