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"The Best Thing to Happen to Pooping Since Your Butt -"

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Guess what you still have in common with this barbaric bloke? You poop and it stinks. Of course, pooping is only natural, but so is walking around nude. And releasing Zeus' thunder in a shared bathroom can make you feel a lot like being naked - vulnerable and exposed. You'd rather not let people know you're going Roman numeral two. I know what you're thinking. I'll just courtesy flush to hide the suffocating stench of my lady lumps, but it's too late. The room already reeks of your royal rump roast. And don't you dare churn some coal and blame it on the poor pooper before you. We all know the butt wood you just chopped in there. So how do you make bathroom odor a thing of the past? Poo-Pourri. Poo-Pourri is the original before you go toilet spray that has revolutionized the way the world poops. Simply spritz Poo-Pourri in the bowl to create a film on the water's surface, that actually traps odor before it begins. And when your blasts from dinners past make contact with the film, they release Poo-Pourri's pleasant aroma. So all those around you will smell is a timeless blend of natural essential oils. If you'd like to never smell your poop again, click here to join the millions of satisfied poopers who've discovered Poo-Pourri at Yes, it is a real product and yes, it really works. Guaranteed. We've sold over 20 million bottlles. There are over 15 thousand reviews rating it five of five stars. That's more five star reviews than the wheel. And fire. So the next time you need to give birth to a wooly mammoth, release the kraken, go butt jousting or start your steam engine, you'll never have to worry about bathroom odor again. Poo-Pourri. The best thing to happen to pooping since your butt.

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The Original 
Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 
Unconditional Stink-Free Guarantee 
20 Million Sold 
one of the greatest inventions ever! 
I can't wait to poop everyday! 
Saved my relationship 
Must-have for any office

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