"A Perfect Day" 
New York City. A perfect day. A Galaxy of Possibility. Learn more: 
This shows a bunch of kids exploring NYC with a new Samsung Galaxy phone and the Gear VR attachment plus a 360 camera. They ride their bikes, stop for pizza, get one of their bikes repaired (paying for it with the phone), go to the park (while taking 360 pictures), go skateboarding, go swimming (with the phone in the water), show pictures and video to girls at the pool, answer the phone with their smartwatch while riding bikes some more, and then take pictures in the dark when they are home for the night. The run into an older man who wants to try out

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What are you looking at? 
Crazy stuff. Okay, you gotta see this. 
What, what is this? 
It's like some 3D, virtual world. 
Hey, can I see? 
Ooo, yi yi yi yi yi. Look at the moon. 
Yeah, yeah, this is it. 
Man, this thing is definitely not rideable. You're gonna a whole new wheel. 
We might be able to salvage the hub, and at the very least it's gonna be a new rim, maybe a couple spokes... 
Hey, did you just pay for that with your phone? 
We'll be able to see the whole park. 
Yeah. It's 360. 
Oh, look. It goes all the way around. 
Cool. That's so cool. 
Go, let's go, let's go. 
Hold on, my mom is calling. Hey mom. 
Where are you guys? 
We'll be back soon. Love you. Bye mom. 
Love you. Bye mom! 
Hey, guys! 
Alright, I'll see you tomorrow! 
Ooooo ooooo 
With your feet in the air and your head on the ground 
You try this trick and spin it, yeah 
Your head will collapse but there's nothing in it 
And you'll ask yourself... 
Where is my mind? 
Where is my mind? 
Where is my mind? 
Way out in the water 
See it swimmin' 
I was swimmin' in the Caribbean 
Animals were hiding behind the rock 
Except the little fish 
But they told me, he swears 
Tryin' to talk to me koi koy

Written Text

Tony's Pizza 
Circo's pastry shop 
Galaxy S7 + Gear VR 
Galaxy S7 
A Galaxy of Possibility 

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