Watch our amazing new advert ‘Who Knew?’ It features just some of the incredible stories that result from our truly life-changing partnerships. We hope the advert will raise more money to help the many hundreds of people like Paul, who are still waiting for their special companion. 
"Sponsor a Guide Dog puppy- Who Knew? TV advert"

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Who knew? 
That when you were born, you would save my life. 
Who knew that when I felt so lost, you'd lead me back to being a mother and a wife? 
Who knew that one small puppy could help me get on to the team? 
With her by my side, I'd have the courage to follow my dream. 
Who knew when we came together... 
...I'd be so... 
...ecstatic... feeling ever! 
Who knew you would help me stand on my own two feet and live life to my own beat? 
And who knew that we'd stand here and say... 
Please sponsor a puppy and transform someone's life today.  
Who knew that when I went blind 8 years ago I'd never leave the house alone again? 
Right now, I'm one of hundreds of people with sight loss in the UK waiting for a guide dog. Sponsor a puppy from just £1 a week... 
...and you'll help create another life changing partnership. 
You'll get a cuddly toy plus regular photos and "pup-dates" on your puppy as they grow into a guide dog.  
A guide dog that could set me free. 
Call 0345 143 0230. 
Or text HOPE to 84555. 
That's 0345 143 0230. 
Thank you.

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Sponsor a puppy from just £1 a week 
Visit or Text HOPE to 84555 
Get regular photos, pupdates and a cuddly toy 
Call 0345 143 0230 
Guide Dogs

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